First Live Videos Posted Up

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Tonight I made the first attempt at doing the live streaming video on UStream. Unfortunately all I have available to do this with right now is my galaxy tablet and in low light conditions the quality isn’t that great. My apologies for that. Just to recap the evening, which wasn’t that great for me tonight, but it was worth the experience to help learn some things about the streaming video which is something new for me.


Game 1:

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Live Action Streaming Coming Soon

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Over the next few days I will be working on a post to help explain why things look and feel different on an 8 ft table versus a 9 ft table. To do this I will be demonstrating some trick shots as well. If you have ever had trouble adjusting to table size then stop by on Wednesday 06/27/12 for information that will make all the difference in your game and ability to adjust to table sizes. Continue reading ‘Live Action Streaming Coming Soon’

Upcoming Post is One You Don’t Want to Miss

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In the next couple of weeks I’ll be posting on the differences the size of the table you play on makes in your game. This is something that generally most people don’t see or recognise until they have played the game for quite some time. In this next post I’ll be giving you a leg up on this issue and dependin on how well you pick up on it will determine how much of difference it makes in your game. There is so much information on this topic alone that it may turn into a series of posts, but we will see what happens. Continue reading ‘Upcoming Post is One You Don’t Want to Miss’

Thorsten Hohmann Visit

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After finishing out a night in the American Billiards League I grabbed a refill on my drink and noticed a familiar face in the house. Thorsten Hohmann paid us visit tonight. Come to find out he was in house to give lessons to the girlfriend of a friends friend that my friend was shooting with. lol That a was a mouth full. Anyway, Continue reading ‘Thorsten Hohmann Visit’

My Blog Teaser.

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Please take a moment to comment and let me know what you think.

Reading the Table, Not Playing the Player!

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One of the fundamental mistakes that most players make is a mental error. Most go to the table in a competitive mode with thoughts like, “I’m going to beat this guy/girl.” Permit me to be very clear and be very blunt about this, Continue reading ‘Reading the Table, Not Playing the Player!’

New Post Coming Soon!

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For all of you who have been asking for another post and wanting to know when I will post again, my sincerest apologies. I’ve started a new session of school and been working on trying to find an internship and working on my portfolio site. I have some images and material already put together and waiting to be posted. Keep checking back, as I will most likely have it posted before the weekend is over. This post will be about reading the patterns the table presents you. This is a crucial skill when it comes to putting together a good run and knowing when and how to defense.

Again my sincerest apologies for the recent lack of posting, but time has been limited severely lately. More posts to come in the coming weeks.

U.S. Amateur Championship

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Invited to the U.S. Amateur Championship Tournament

This will be the 4th year the APA has put on this tournament. Last year I wasn’t able to participate due to funding and school requirements. This year I received a formal invitation from the APA to participate in this event. I’m signing up for it and hopefully my schedule in September and Novemeber will allow me to participate. The winner doesn’t receive any monitary gain from it, but receives the title of Amateur Champion and a spot in the U.S. Open 9 Ball Championship. This event also opens the door to sponsorships and professional tours. Looking forward to it. Last year over 130 men and 37 women participated. Looking forward to this tough challenge.

This event is open to everyone. So, check out the web site to see if there is a location near you.

Recommended Reading

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If you are a serious pool enthusiast and are looking for ways to improve your game the following books would be good for you to read. I have read them and much of what I know about the game comes from these books, my personal experience at the table, friends, coaches, and some professionals I referred to in the about page of this site.

I will be posting these in a new link section entitled recommended reading. Keep in mind though this new section of links will also contain references to videos that will be recommended for watching as well. I won’t be including youtube videos, vimeo videos or other social media videos in these links or even blog posts. Those type of things will be reserved for this blog in which a new category will be added for that. With all that said, here are the books I am initially recommending. Happy reading and game improvement:

  1. Phil Capelle : Play Your Best Eight Ball
  2. Phil Capelle : Play Your Best Nine Ball
  3. Phil Capelle : Play Your Best Pool

This entire series is more than worth the price of it if you are serious about improving your game and understanding its complexities and how to work with them.

Willie Mosconi Sets a World Record : March 19, 1954

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Interesting Post I found about Willie Mosconi on Little Bits of History. Originally Posted by Patricia Hysell March 19, 2012.

Little Bits of History

March 19, 1954: Willie Mosconi sets a new world record. Pool or pocket billiards is one of a family of games. The game was first played outdoors as a lawn game similar to golf or croquet. In 1470 French King Louis XI had a billiard game board in his inventory, the first recorded listing. The game was enjoyed by both aristocrats and commoners as the game moved indoors by the mid-1500s. However the table was quite different than today’s. The table slowly went from something fairly similar to today’s ping pong tables to the surface with bumpers and six pockets. The accoutrements changed along with the table.

Straight pool, also called 14.1 continuous or just 14.1, is a cue sport. The shooter is to pocket one of the fifteen colored/numbered balls. There is no specific order for placing balls. However, the ball and pocket must be called prior to the…

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